Admit it: You’ve been dreaming about getting a curvaceous backside with a Brazilian Butt Lift for awhile now.

But there’s something holding you back: confusion over how long your results may last.

After all, is it worth going through the Brazilian butt lift procedure – and recovery – if your results won’t last for a long time?

As it turns out, your Brazilian butt lift results may last a lot longer than you think. Take a look at how long a Brazilian butt lift lasts, including how you can make your results last even longer.

Brazilian Butt Lift Naperville

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Brazilian Butt Lift Results: What to Expect

The Brazilian butt lift uses your body’s own natural fat tissue to augment the buttocks to your desired shape. For that reason, your Brazilian butt lift results will largely depend on how well you maintain your weight at the time of surgery.

Here’s why: once you’ve undergone the Brazilian butt lift, your fat tissue will act like any other fat tissue in your body, meaning it will be responsive to your body’s weight changes, hormonal fluctuations, aging, and more.

If you follow your plastic surgeon’s advice, you should be able to maintain your Brazilian butt lift results for years to come.

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How to Maintain Your Brazilian Butt Lift Results

1. Follow a healthy lifestyle regimen.

The more you can maintain your weight, the more likely you are to maintain your Brazilian butt lift results.

2. Follow your post-op recovery plan.

You’ll want to avoid sitting on your backside or sleeping on your back for the first month after your procedure, as this pressure could affect the final shape of your buttocks.

3. Attend follow-up appointments.

Keeping your follow-up appointments is essential to  achieving your desired results. Dr BUll wants to make sure the healing process is going well. Usually the procedure goes well but sometimes additional transfer is needed to reach your goals.

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