If you think that a rhinoplasty – otherwise known as a nose job – is only good for shaving off a bump on your nose, it’s time to discover the four issues that rhinoplasty surgery can treat.

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4 Issues a Rhinoplasty Can Treat

1. A nose job can bring balance to your facial features.

If you have a nose that’s too large for your face, a rhinoplasty can bring much-wanted balance to your facial features. Dr Bull can correct the width of the nose and shave down the sides to create a nose that better fits your natural features. 

The overall result can be absolutely transformative for rhinoplasty patients!

2. A rhinoplasty can straighten your nose.

Whether you have a crooked nose as a result of injury or birth, a nose job procedure can shave away the bumps that contribute to the crooked appearance.

3. Nose surgery can treat a bulbous or misshapen nose tip.

A rhinoplasty isn’t just for the bridge of your nose. If you’re self-conscious about the appearance of a bulbous or misshapen nose tip, this surgical procedure can refine the nasal tip to better match the rest of your nose. 

Additionally, if you feel that your nasal tip projects out too far from your nose, your plastic surgeon can shave down the tip until it fits your facial features.

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4. Rhinoplasty can help you breathe better.

Not all rhinoplasty procedures are designed to fix cosmetic issues. For example, a medical rhinoplasty surgery can correct a deviated septum, which can contribute to breathing issues (especially snoring!).

How to Tell If Rhinoplasty is Right for You

You’re a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your nose. All nose job candidates should be healthy individuals who are committed to their post-op recovery plan, and have healthy expectations for their procedural outcomes.

“Dr. Bull was amazing, hes so friendly, excellent surgeon, i dont have pain, i do my rhinoplasty and liposuction, just i can said thank you very much for your help Dr. bull. I love how i look know! I feeling more secury about my self. Thanks Dr. Bull and the staff they so very friendly. They tell me everything about the surgery step by step, after my surgery they take care me just n case something happen, everything is included with the same paidment, my husband love it how i look now.” *

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