Tighten and Reshape the Upper Arms with an Arm Lift in Naperville, IL

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What Does Brachioplasty Address?

Gaining a significant amount of weight causes the skin to become gradually stretched out. Eventually, there may not be enough elasticity for this skin to snap back into place—especially if the fat cells below shrink or are removed. While this can be a problem for people of all ages, time causes the skin to produce fewer structural proteins like collagen and elastin to maintain its strength, so it becomes thinner and looser as you get older.

Diet and exercise may not be enough to reduce the excess fat that causes bulges, and lifestyle changes won’t do much (if anything) to tighten laxity that contributes to the look of flabby upper arms. Brachioplasty is a safe, effective way to address this cosmetic problem—but the surgery also provides functional benefits, including relief from general discomfort, inflammation, and rashes or infections that can be caused by excess skin.

How Does Brachioplasty Work?

You will be asked to refrain from smoking and taking blood thinners—or to adjust how you’re taking certain other types of medications—before undergoing brachioplasty.

To minimize discomfort during the brachioplasty surgery, patients will be given local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or an intravenous sedative.

Liposuction is used to remove fat cells from the underside of the upper arms. The surgeon will then make incisions on the inside or backs of the upper arms to remove the folds of hanging skin. The remaining skin is stretched over the new contours and secured with sutures.

What Brachioplasty Results Can I Expect?

What is the Brachioplasty Recovery Process?

Dr. John Bull uses dissolving sutures under the skin, so no sutures will have to be removed. Most patients do not need a drain, but a tube may be placed beneath the skin to drain any fluid from the wound, and there may be some discomfort as tissues heal. A drain is usually removed within the first five to seven days Pain medication can be prescribed, and your surgeon will provide instructions for how to care for the incisions.

Who is a Good Candidate for Brachioplasty in Western Chicago?

What Other Body Contouring Procedures Are Available?

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