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What Does Breast Implant Replacement Address?

Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and natural aging can affect the appearance of breast implants and the overlying breast tissue. Although there is no requirement to have breast implant replacement, patients may eventually need or want to have their original devices removed.

Individuals may choose to have breast implant replacement, which is a form of breast revision surgery, if they are unhappy with their original surgical results or complications have occurred. Alternatively, due to lifestyle changes, they may wish to have a different breast implant size or shape. Some patients want larger implants than their initial surgery provided, while others may wish to downsize because of back pain or a change in personal taste.

Many patients simply elect to have breast implant replacement because they wish to upgrade their implants and replace older, outdated materials. Breast implants are constantly evolving, so many patients choose to receive more technologically advanced devices that offer maximized comfort and have a more realistic appearance. Patients may also decide to switch from saline to silicone or from textured to smooth implants.

The results from the original augmentation procedure can be revised or refined during the replacement surgery.

How Does Breast Implant Replacement Work?

The surgical techniques for breast implant replacement are adapted for each patient, based on the unique needs of the individual. The surgery is completed with the patient under general anesthesia and is similar to the original breast augmentation surgery.

Breast implant replacement is typically a minimally invasive procedure, especially if the new implants are a similar size and shape to the old ones.

The incision will be made over the old incision site as much as possible. Then the implants will be removed—along with the breast capsules surrounding them (pockets of tissue that form inside the body as a reaction to the foreign objects) as necessary.

After the old implants have been removed, new ones will be placed in the same location right away.

If the patient is having breast implant replacement due to complications such as capsular contracture or a rupture, the surgery may be more complex and extensive. More complicated procedures will take a longer time to be completed.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Breast Implant Replacement?

What is the Breast Implant Replacement Recovery Process?

The recovery timeline will vary depending on which techniques are used and the nature of the surgery. During the recovery window, patients will need to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting. Aftercare instructions will be provided for maintenance of the incision site, compression garment, or bandage.

Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Implant Replacement in Western Chicago?

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