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What Does Breast Revision Address?

Breast revision is a “catch-all” term for any surgery that enhances the appearance of breasts that have been previously augmented.

There are many reasons why patients may choose to have a breast revision. Although breast implants are sturdy and lasting devices, the size and shape of your breasts will inevitably be altered by the effects of aging and gravity.

Eventually, the weight of the implants themselves affects the way they look. The overlying breast tissue may also change with time, altering the look of the original outcome.

There are several complications that may occur that impact the longevity of implants or require them to be replaced. These include capsular contracture, silicone or saline implant rupture, rippling, and changes in position.

Patients who are concerned about rupture, rippling, or migration of their implant may wish to change from saline to silicone.

Breast revision can increase or decrease the size of the breasts or restore a more symmetrical appearance. The surgery may also be a way of restoring a younger or more appealing appearance to the shape of the breasts. Some patients may decide to have implants removed completely via breast revision.

How Does Breast Revision Work?

Breast revision surgery is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. It’s customized for each patient’s unique goals and may sometimes include a breast lift or breast reduction performed at the same time, so clear communication with your plastic surgeon about your aesthetic goals is critical if you want to achieve optimal results.

The breast implant pocket may need to be reshaped so that the implants can be repositioned on the chest. The surgery might involve removal of one or both original implants, then the insertion of a new size, shape, or style.

General anesthesia or other medications are administered to reduce sensation. One of three types of incisions may be used for breast revision: an inframammary incision in the crease under the breast, a breast lift incision, or a peri-areolar incision that partially or completely encircles the areola.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Breast Revision?

What is the Breast Revision Recovery Process?

There may be gauze dressing or bandages applied to the incisions after breast revision surgery. Patients may also be required to wear a support bra. We will provide guidelines for caring for surgical sites, taking medications, any specific concerns to look out for, and when you will need to follow up with the surgeon.

Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Revision in Western Chicago?

What Other Forms of Breast Surgery Are Available?

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