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What Does ThermiSmooth Treat?

How Does ThermiSmooth Work?

The ThermiRF system powering non-invasive ThermiSmooth treatments sends radiofrequency energy through the surface of the skin, keeping the outermost layers intact while creating heat below. The RF energy converts to heat in the treatment area, prompting the existing collagen to tighten and stimulating the production of new collagen in specialized cells.

The result is a smoothing effect seen right away, as well as continued improvements as collagen levels rise again in the skin.

What Is a ThermiSmooth Session Like in Naperville?

A specially designed temperature-controlled handpiece is gently rolled over the skin in the treatment area. Many patients say that the feeling of the ThermiSmooth applicator moving in small, circular motions is similar to a warm massage. There are no incisions, as nothing is inserted into the skin.

What ThermiSmooth Results Can Be Expected?

As with any tissue-heating treatment, the skin may appear slightly flushed or pink after a ThermiSmooth session. This coloration should fade within the first two to four hours. Since the treatment does not involve removing the surface of the skin or damaging any underlying tissues, there is no down time needed.

Collagen remodeling will provide a smoothing effect visible in the days and weeks after a treatment, but collagen generation takes a bit more time. Specific results can vary from person to person, and multiple ThermiSmooth treatment sessions may be needed in order to achieve your unique aesthetic goals. All of this will be discussed during your medical spa consultation.

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