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5 Reasons You Might Benefit from a Breast Reduction

Wondering whether breast reduction makes sense for you? There are many reasons for women (and even men!) to consider breast reduction. Even one of these makes a good case for the procedure—and many of those with large breasts experience most or all of these issues. If any of these sound familiar, it may be time to contact our office.

Neck and Back Pain

Large breasts can put an exceptional strain on the muscles and skeletal structure of the body, leading to chronic pain or outright damage to the spine. The problems only compound if you have existing problems with your back or neck, and can worsen over time due to the ongoing strain and pressure. In less serious cases, this may also be due to difficulty finding properly fitting bras to adequately distribute the weight of your breasts.

Athletic Performance

Whether you’re looking to get fit and struggling due to heavy breasts or you’re looking to push your limits as a competitive athlete, breast reduction can be a smart move to ease the strain on your body. Many find that breast reduction opens new doors to a wide variety of activities which were previously uncomfortable, embarrassing, or difficult due to a large bust size.


Large breasts can be frustrating for aesthetic reasons, as well as functional ones. Breasts which are too large for your frame may lead to an unflattering silhouette or poorly fitting clothes. They can also be very limiting when purchasing undergarments or tops, forcing you to either spend more on custom garments or limit yourself to a narrow band of products. Large breasts may also be more likely to droop or sag, especially as you age, creating another aesthetic concern.

Skin Irritation

Many women with large breasts experience chronic skin irritation for a variety of reasons. The pressure on the skin due to excessive weight, difficulty maintaining proper hygiene, the lack of comfortable bras – any and all of these can cause or contribute to chronic skin problems across the chest and nearby skin.


Men with large breasts due to gynecomastia may also seek breast reduction procedures. These procedures can quickly and efficiently eliminate this uncomfortable condition.

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