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Tighten and Reshape the Upper Arms with an Arm Lift in Naperville, IL

Many people have excess fat combined with loose skin on the upper arms, which creates a wobbly or drooping appearance—referred to as “bat wings” or “bingo wings.” Upper arm lift surgery or brachioplasty at the Naperville-based John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa is a procedure that slims and contours the arms by reducing the loose skin and fat. We strive to deliver the best brachioplasty Naperville has to offer. The skin on the undersides of the upper arms often becomes looser and sags as we age. This change also tends to happen to women and men who undergo significant weight loss. Even if you are slim overall, having a lack of muscle tone in the arms can cause the skin there to sag more. After a brachioplasty, patients often feel more confident about wearing sleeveless or short-sleeved clothing—or even nothing at all!

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What Does Brachioplasty Address?

Gaining a significant amount of weight causes the skin to become gradually stretched out. Eventually, there may not be enough elasticity for this skin to snap back into place—especially if the fat cells below shrink or are removed. While this can be a problem for people of all ages, time causes the skin to produce fewer structural proteins like collagen and elastin to maintain its strength, so it becomes thinner and looser as you get older. Diet and exercise may not be enough to reduce the excess fat that causes bulges, and lifestyle changes won’t do much (if anything) to tighten laxity that contributes to the look of flabby upper arms. Brachioplasty is a safe, effective way to address this cosmetic problem—but the surgery also provides functional benefits, including relief from general discomfort, inflammation, and rashes or infections that can be caused by excess skin.

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How Does Brachioplasty Work?

Our Naperville brachioplasty patients will be asked to refrain from smoking and taking blood thinners—or to adjust how they're taking certain other types of medications—before undergoing brachioplasty.

To minimize discomfort during the brachioplasty surgery, patients will be given local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or an intravenous sedative. Liposuction is used to remove fat cells from the underside of the upper arms. The surgeon will then make incisions on the inside or backs of the upper arms to remove the folds of hanging skin. The remaining skin is stretched over the new contours and secured with sutures.

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Achieving Your Desired Results

What Brachioplasty Results Can I Expect?

The slimming results from brachioplasty will be seen right away and are very long-lasting—provided that the patient maintains a stable, healthy weight after the surgery. Gaining a significant amount of new weight can cause remaining fat cells to swell and stretch the skin again.

A Smoother, Slimmer & Toned Appearance

What is the Brachioplasty Recovery Process?

Dr. John Bull uses dissolving sutures under the skin, so no sutures will have to be removed. Most of our Naperville brachioplasty patients do not need a drain, but a tube may be placed beneath the skin to drain any fluid from the wound, and there may be some discomfort as tissues heal. A drain is usually removed within the first five to seven days Pain medication can be prescribed, and your surgeon will provide instructions for how to care for the incisions.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Brachioplasty in Western Chicago?

Both men and women can be ideal candidates for a brachioplasty.

The patients who are best suited for arm lift surgery include adults who are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, are in good physical and mental shape, are bothered by skin laxity under the arm and on the upper arm, and have a normal body weight but want to get rid of fat or skin on the arms. People who have had successful weight loss surgery often decide to have brachioplasty afterward.

Body Contouring Options

What Other Body Contouring Procedures Are Available?

Mild excess skin may be treated with ThermiTight for the arms, which can be combined with a modest amount of liposuction for contouring. Our practice also provides an extensive selection of cosmetic procedures to enhance the breasts and body—many of which can be combined with brachioplasty. These include liposuction elsewhere on the body to remove excess fat below the skin and re-shape contours, tummy tuck surgery to flatten and sculpt the abdominal area, Mommy Makeover surgery to improve multiple areas and restore the patient’s pre-pregnancy body shape, and more.

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Board-certified and highly accomplished plastic surgeon Dr. John Bull is not just committed to providing beautiful cosmetic surgery results in a safe and comforting environment. He also wants every patient to feel heard, understood, and confident in their choice.

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