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5 Tips for a Quick Breast Augmentation Recovery

5 Tips for a Quick Breast Augmentation Recovery

You’ve got a busy life to lead – and even though you’re interested in enhancing your bust with breast augmentation surgery, you’re not exactly sure you can take weeks off for recovery.
Fortunately, you don’t have to!
As it turns out, most patients are able to return to work about one to two weeks after their surgery. That means, depending on your job, you may have some extra vacation time left over to show off your fantastic results.
Check out our tips to have a speedy breast augmentation recovery

5 Tips for a Fast – and Healthy – Breast Augmentation Recovery

1. Ask questions before your surgery.

Don’t wait until after your breast enhancement surgery to ask questions about your recovery. We recommend asking your surgeon to provide you with as much detail as possible on what you should expect from your recovery. That way, you can start prepping in the days before your procedure.

2. Arrange for help.

It may be difficult to make your way around the apartment or home during the first few days after surgery. For that reason, it’s a good idea to ask family members or friends to check in on you after your procedure. You’ll also want to find someone who can drive you home after surgery, as you’ll still be feeling the effects of general anesthesia.

3. Be kind to yourself.

Recovering from plastic surgery can be an uncomfortable affair. Don’t push yourself to feel better before you’re ready. Let your body take its time to heal, even if it may be somewhat inconvenient to your schedule.

4. Limit activity.

We encourage light walking within the first few days after your surgical procedure, as this helps create healthy blood flow. However, give the gym a break for at least four to six weeks, as overexertion could put your healing at risk.

5. Drink plenty of fluids and eat healthy foods.

Drinking water and eating right is always good for you, but it is especially important following surgery. Ensure you stay hydrated in the weeks following your breast augmentation surgery to have the best recovery possible.

“I have been going here with de bull for years I got my first breast augmentation here and felt very comfortable with his staff he is very respectful and was very satisfied with his work. I recently went to redue my surgery and get a lift and again very please I have also done Botox and other facial treatments and love their work. I would highly recommend going here for any procedure” *

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