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Am I a Candidate for Liposuction?

You’re definitely interested in liposuction surgery.

After all, you’ve been doing the right things with diet and exercise – but you just have a few trouble spots that won’t respond to all of your hard work.

But how do you know if you’re a good candidate for liposuction surgery?

Signs You’re a Candidate for Liposuction

1. You’re within close range of your ideal weight.

Liposuction shouldn’t be seen as a solution for weight loss, which is why we recommend all candidates be within 30% range of their ideal weight. If too much fat is removed via liposuction, it can create sagging skin issues, so a skin removal procedure may be indicated at the same time.

2. You have good skin tone and thickness.

Your skin should be able to “bounce back” from liposuction surgery. If you have poor skin quality meaning it has lost elastin and thickness, it’s likely that your skin will sag post-surgery.

On that note, if you do have poor skin tone, you could still be a good candidate. It just means you’ll need to combine your liposuction surgery with a skin-tightening or resection procedure.

3.You have realistic expectations for your surgical outcome.

You should have a healthy expectation for how you’ll look after your liposuction procedure. 

4. You have a good medical history.

If you’re on blood-thinning medication or a health condition that increases your risks during a surgical procedure, you may not be a good candidate for liposuction.

5. You should be a nonsmoker (or willing to quit).

Ideal candidates should be nonsmokers or be willing to quit smoking at least 4 weeks before their liposuction procedure.

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