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Breast Augmentation in Chicago – Is It Right for You?

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed body contouring surgeries to date. Our team in Chicago aims to deliver natural-looking results with correct implant selection, meticulous surgical techniques, and fantastic bedside manner. While breast augmentation may sound like a straightforward surgery, the truth is it takes an expert to achieve great results. Your breast and chest anatomy, your overall body frame, and your cosmetic goals will help determine the most ideal implant size and type, the surgical approach, and the possible use of adjunct procedures.

You are Unhappy with the Size of Your Breasts

Micromastia is a medical term in which the woman’s breasts did not fully develop during her puberty stage.  Fortunately, the use of breast implants can help correct this deformity. In general, patients with little soft tissue coverage are ideal for silicone implants because these are filled with a highly cohesive gel that simulates the softness of the breast tissue.  The end result: a more natural shape and feel.

You Have Visible Asymmetry Between the Breasts

Almost all women in Chicago have some level of breast asymmetry, although a few of them have a noticeable size disparity between the two sides, or differently projecting breasts, or a combination of these factors. To create a more symmetric appearance, our doctor may use two different sized implants and/or perform some type of breast reconstruction technique.

You Have Pseudo Breast Ptosis

Pseudo breast ptosis is different from typical breast sagging in which the nipple area falls beyond the inframammary crease. In pseudo breast ptosis, the nipple area has remained above the inframammary fold, although there is an “illusion” of sagging because the upper breast pole appears empty. Deflation of the upper breast pole often stems from pregnancies and/or extreme weight loss.

You Want to Improve Your Body Proportions

Contrary to popular belief, almost all women seeking breast augmentation in Chicago want natural-looking results, not disproportionately large breasts.  This is achieved by taking into account their anatomy, particularly relating to their height, weight, shoulder width, and waist-to-hip ratio.

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