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Breast Augmentation: What are the Benefits?

Breast augmentation is a catch-all term that refers to several different surgical procedures, including enhancements, reductions, lifts and reconstructions. Overall, breast augmentation is also the most-requested cosmetic surgery in the United States. If you aren’t happy with your breasts for any reason and are curious as to what benefits an augmentation can offer you, there are several you stand to gain.

A Decrease or Total Cessation of Pain

If you have large breasts, your breasts are sagging or you have noticeably lopsided breasts where one is larger than the other, these problems can lead to pain in the spine, shoulders and neck. The reason for this is that your weight isn’t balanced and it’s pulling your muscles in ways not tolerated by physiology. By balancing the weight of the breasts and ensuring they are high on the chest, much of the pain can be lessened or cured entirely. This is also true for women who have skin irritation from tight and constricting bras. After augmentation surgery, such severe undergarments won’t be necessary.

A Rise in Self-Esteem

For some women, their figure is directly related to self-acceptance and confidence. A woman who doesn’t like her breasts may find herself dressing in loose, too-large clothing, declining invitations to pool parties and even declining dates. For women with obvious issues, such as extremely large breasts or notably lopsided breasts, they may even feel uncomfortable in their own skin. An augmentation can raise self-esteem and allow a woman to change her body and life for the better.

Easier Clothing Shopping and Fewer Alterations

Depending on the specific issue, many women with size, shape, height or balance issues in their breasts go to great lengths to hide it. The bust darts of blouses and jackets may need to be moved by a tailor or seamstress. Women with overly large breasts may need to buy these items far too large to fit their breasts and pay to have the shoulders and waist brought in. Women with smaller busts may need to either “stuff” their bras with special prosthetics or have items tailored to fit their frame. Augmentation can give a woman a bust that suits the rest of her body, which makes tailoring a thing of the past and allows her to shop off the rack.

A Greater Sense of Autonomy and Control

The ability to assert control over our bodies and exercise our autonomy are powerful. For example, a woman with a very large bust may feel it makes her look overly sexual, despite her all-business, no-nonsense personality. On the other side of the spectrum, a fit, trim woman with an A-cup may feel as if she never matured properly. No matter what the issue with the breasts is, a breast augmentation gives a woman the control and autonomy to make the changes she wants.

A breast augmentation offers many variants to resolve just about any problem with the breasts. Whether it’s addressing size, height or symmetry, this procedure can change a woman’s life. If you’re considering augmentation, call The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Medispa in Naperville today for a confidential appointment

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