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Breast Implants for a Fuller Bust

For most women, body image is extremely important. Women who have smaller breasts might not feel as attractive, and as a result, they’re likely to have lower self-esteem. If you’d like to have a fuller bust, consider getting breast implants.

Types of Breast Implants

There are two major types of implants. Some women prefer silicone implants while others go with saline. A silicone implant is filled with silicone, and a saline implant is filled with salt water.

If you’re looking for a firmer bust, breast implants that are filled with a saline solution may be considered. Many patients choose silicone implants because they’re available with different levels of thickness and can make it easier to shape your breasts.

Are You a Candidate for Breast Implants?

Despite the advantages, not everyone is a good candidate for breast augmentation with implants. However, if you’re looking to obtain better proportions and want clothes to fit better, you should consider getting breast implants.

Ideal candidates want to restore symmetry and eliminate the unsightly effects caused by aging, weight loss or pregnancy. If you think your breasts are too small, you could be a great candidate.

How Does the Procedure Work?

During a typical breast augmentation procedure, your breast tissue will be lifted and a pocket will be created for the implant. The next part of the procedure consists of adding and positioning the implant, and the process is repeated for each breast. The process for inserting and positioning the implants is different for everyone.

In some cases, the implants might be placed on the top of your pectoral muscles. Depending on your unique anatomy, the implants might also be placed under the chest muscles. It all depends on your unique situation.

How Safe is the Procedure?

Breast implants are safe, and they’re designed to last a lifetime. However, it’s important to take good care of them. You should make sure to get periodic examinations of the implants, so you can avoid dealing with complications.

The Benefits

Breast implants are great for increasing the size of your bust. Studies show that women with larger breasts feel much more feminine than those with smaller breasts. The greatest benefit that you can receive from implants is increased self-confidence.

The confidence boost will send positive ripple effects into other areas of your life, which results in a higher quality of life. After you’ve received implants, you’ll find that a lot of your clothes fit better, and you can feel more comfortable wearing them.

Achieve a Fuller Bust with Breast Implants

If you feel like your breasts don’t seem to look right, implants can give them a symmetrical appearance and make them look much better. Talk to Dr. Bull at The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa to learn more about how breast augmentation can benefit you. Our office is located in Naperville. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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