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Breast Implants: Silicone vs Saline

If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts, receiving implants with a breast augmentation can be a viable option for adding volume and creating a more appealing bust. However, choosing whether to get silicone or saline implants is an important decision. Several factors should be considered and discussed during your breast augmentation consultation.

The Risks Associated with Implants

Regardless of whether you choose saline or silicone, all types of breast implants carry risks and responsibilities. Your implants will need to be checked with an MRI scan every two years to assess the possibility of any leaks in the implants or abnormalities in the surrounding breast tissue. For women considering future pregnancy, implants can complicate breastfeeding or even eliminate it entirely as an option. Weight gain, weight loss, and aging will also affect your implants and the look of your breasts. These factors are universal to all implant types and should be thoroughly considered.

The Aesthetics of Saline and Silicone Breast Implants

Another important determination in what kind of breast implant to choose is how you want it to feel. Implants filled with saline tend to be softer to the touch, while silicone implants are generally more firm. This leads some to believe that the feeling and response of saline is the closest to natural flesh. For women with plenty of natural breast tissue to begin with, saline may be a better option because the implant will not be felt.

Issues that Arise from Leakage

One of the main benefits of saline implants is in the event of a rupture or leak, the sterile saline is absorbed by the body and eliminated in urine. This leaves just the silicone bag of the implant behind, which the woman can choose to have removed and replaced, if desired.

Leaking silicone implants were once blamed for breast cancer, autoimmune disorders, and other health issues. They were banned altogether for several years while studies were conducted. When long-term studies found that leaked silicone was not directly responsible for these problems, they were once again made available. Leaked silicone usually stays right next to the implant, and the woman may not even realize that the implant has ruptured. If desired, the silicone can be removed and a new implant placed.

The Options for Customization

Silicone implants come in a set of sizes, while saline implants are inflated and fitted inside the chest during surgery. If you have a noticeable difference between your breasts and want a custom set of implants to bridge the gap, saline can usually offer more freedom in sizing. On the other hand, those who want large implants may find that silicone is the best choice, as large saline implants have a higher instance of rupture than their smaller counterparts do.

Deciding which is better suited for you can be intimidating, but The John Bull Center is here to help you. Contact The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa today for a consultation, and we will help you determine which type of implant is right for you and your body. Our medical team, led by Dr. John Bull, will work with you to find the most effective treatment plan for your individual needs.

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