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Can Dermal Fillers Treat Hand Wrinkles?

Can Dermal Fillers Treat Hand Wrinkles?

Your face and neck aren’t the only areas that show signs of aging – your hands are changing over time, too. 

In fact, thanks to the combination of frequent usage and thin dermal tissue, your hands are often the first places to show wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, we tend to ignore our hands when applying sunscreen, meaning they’re often vulnerable to sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Fortunately, there’s a surprising solution that can help combat signs of aging on your hands: Dermal fillers.Read on to discover how dermal fillers treat hand wrinkles!


Dermal Fillers Plump Up Hand Skin

One of the biggest advantages of using dermal fillers to treat aging skin is that they add much-needed volume to thinning dermal tissue. This is a key component in treating hand wrinkles because the skin that covers our hands is notoriously thin. By adding volume, dermal fillers can help our hands temporarily resist signs of aging.

Radiesse for Hand Wrinkles

At The John Bull Center, we use FDA-approved Radiesse injections to minimize hand wrinkles. This dermal filler temporarily adds volume to the hands while working to maximize your body’s long-term abilities to produce collagen. Regular Radiesse injections (scheduled nine to twelve months apart) can help create younger and more radiant skin.

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