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Can I Breastfeed After a Breast Augmentation?

Are you interested in undergoing a breast augmentation, but feeling a little bit nervous about if it may impact your ability to breastfeed in the future?

Worry no more: We’ve got the scoop you need on breastfeeding and breast augmentation, including a little risk that every woman who wants to have children needs to be aware of.

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You Can Still Breastfeed, But There IS a Risk

Most women who undergo breast augmentation procedures when they’re younger have absolutely no problem breastfeeding once they have children. However, there IS a minor risk associated with breast augmentation surgery that’s important for clients to be aware of.

While breast augmentation is safer and more precise than ever before, there is the possibility that nerve damage could occur. This nerve damage can be attributed to incisions that may potentially be made around the areola, either to accommodate implant placement or to readjust the nipple’s positioning to better match the new breasts. Most nipple adjustments are made without nerve damage, but in some cases, it can occur. 

Here’s why it matters: If nerve damage happens, it can be a lot harder for women to have the sensation of the baby latching onto the nipple, which is essential for successful breastfeeding.

Why We Recommend Waiting to Get a Breast Augmentation

If you’re a new mom or planning on having more children, we usually recommend that women at least six months after they’re done with breastfeeding before getting a breast augmentation or breast lift done. 

Still not sure if you can breastfeed after your breast augmentation? We recommend discussing your concerns with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Bull during your consultation. He can help you better understand the risks associated with breast augmentation, as well as whether you’re a good candidate for this popular plastic surgery procedure.

“I initially heard about Dr Bull around 2006 when a friend had an excellent outcome after breast augmentation (saline) by him. I did not consider cosmetic surgery until 2015 when I underwent abdomen and neck/jaw lipo with great result. Then 6 weeks ago, I had a mini tummy tuck with lipo, along with neck and forehead lift, and am very pleased indeed! My eyes were starting to appear hooded prior, neck was starting to show a double chin, and lower belly was bulky and loose despite regular workouts since age 15. Now my belly is tight, it’s easier to move, breathe and fit into clothes, and my face and neck area are more awake and happy appearing. Not only is Dr Bull a great surgeon, both he and his staff are friendly, accommodating, personable and professional. I highly recommend his practice.”

SB, Happy Patient

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