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Chronic Back Pain? You Might Need a Breast Reduction

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, consider your breast size. Carrying excess weight in your chest can place quite a strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. This especially holds true when your breasts are out of proportion with the rest of your body. Weight gain, pregnancy, aging, and genetics are all factors that can play a part in having excessively large breasts.

While you may be the envy of other women, they do not know what it is like to live with the pain that plagues you on a daily basis. A heavy chest weighs you down and can have a negative impact on your posture as well. If you’re tired of battling with a sore back and think your breast size is to blame, a breast reduction could be the answer.

A Breast Reduction Can Take Your Breasts Down to a More Reasonable Size

If you believe your breast size is connected to your back pain, you should see an experienced surgeon. The surgeon will assess the size of your breasts and be able to determine if that is contributing to your chronic back pain.

The next step will be to determine the ideal size for your breasts. Discuss your goals with the surgeon to ensure that you are happy with the result. Most importantly, you need a plan that will help you to relieve your pain.

Expect an Outpatient Reduction

A breast reduction procedure is generally considered an outpatient surgery. The surgeon will remove any excess skin and fat during the procedure. Glandular tissue may be removed as well.

Once your procedure has been successfully performed, the recovery process comes next. A support bra may be provided to help you in order to have less swelling and pain after your procedure.

Continue to wear your support bra for at least a week after your procedure. Follow the surgeon’s directions concerning any medication, care of your incisions, and restrictions on physical activity. Heavy lifting and stretching that involve the breasts are not recommended.

For any questions you have during the healing process and for how we customize a procedure, be sure to contact The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa.

Learn How a Breast Reduction Can Help You

If you are in Naperville, IL, make an appointment and come in to see our surgeon for a consultation today. You will be able to voice your concerns and find out if breast reduction surgery is the ideal solution for you.

If our surgeon agrees that it can help, you can take a step toward eliminating your back pain. A breast reduction can make you feel more comfortable and improve your quality of life

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