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Combat Wrinkles with a Non-Invasive Liquid Facelift

A non-invasive liquid facelift is an innovative procedure that injects dermal facial material into the smile/frown lines, cheeks, and typically the hollow of both eyes. Because a non-invasive liquid facelift involves rejuvenating the entire face to provide an overall youthful appearance, it’s comparable to a traditional surgical facelift. However, a traditional facelift costs a great deal more and requires a number of weeks to recover, meaning lost work and social events.

Although a traditional facelift effectively lifts the skin and does offer longer results, it doesn’t improve or volumize the area surrounding the mouth. What’s the solution? A less-expensive, non-surgical facelift alternative known as a liquid facelift. It’s perfect for today’s busy individuals who want to look their best, but can’t afford the time to recover.

At The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa we can help you combat wrinkles with a liquid facelift. We want to offer the best treatment options for you based on your needs, so contact the John Bull Center today to schedule your consultation. Our medical staff can help determine if a liquid facelift is right for you.

A liquid facelift relies on various dermal facial filler injections as well as other key injectables, including Dysport and Botox in order to achieve results that are similar to traditional surgical facelifts. Because there are no incisions involving a liquid facelift, there’s no bleeding.

During the procedure, the jowl and cheek areas are substantially lifted and re-shaped into the desired results. Tear troughs and the appearance of bags under the eyes can also be corrected. Also, targeted hollow areas around the face are injected as well, leading to a fuller, healthier face overall.

What are the results a non-invasive, liquid facelift?

Elimination or diminishing of facial wrinkles and lines
A much younger looking face
Firmer, tighter looking skin
The end result is a youthful and revitalized appearance the face, jaw line, and profile.
Who makes a good candidate for a non-invasive, liquid facelift?

Virtually anyone who desires to achieve a younger, more rested and rejuvenated appearance and is generally healthy is a good candidate for a non-invasive, liquid facelift.

What areas of the face are improved with a liquid facelift procedure?

A liquid facelift can enhance almost any part of your face, including the following:

Jowls and jaw lines
Lines and wrinkles located anywhere on both the face and forehead
How fast are the results of the procedure?

Immediately following a liquid facelift, you can visibly see the preliminary results. More importantly, the results will continue to evolve more and more over the subsequent weeks that follow. The best results will be apparent in a few weeks.

Are the results long-term?

Based on the particular injectable or facial filler used, the length of the results will vary. Today’s facial dermal fillers usually last anywhere from 3 – 4 months up to a year. Botox effects typically wear off in six months or less. The results of a liquid facelift, however, can be extended by having regular touch-up procedures. Both you and your specialist can work out a schedule for mini enhancements so you’ll always look your best.

Maintenance usually involves a visit around 6 months to a year later in order to retain the results. The body will eventually break the filler down, but a revisit typically eliminates that issue so it only requires a few touch-ups in order to maintain results.

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