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Does a Breast Augmentation Leave Scars?

If you are thinking about undergoing a Breast Augmentation procedure, you may be wondering if you will be left with a scar after surgery. There may be some minor scarring that’s left behind after breast augmentation surgery. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll be noticeable to the naked eye.

Take a look at what kind of scarring you could expect from breast augmentation surgery, including some steps you can take to minimize potential scarring.

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What Kind of Breast Augmentation Scarring Should I Expect?

Your breast augmentation scarring will depend on where the incisions are being placed. Depending on your treatment plan, incisions can be placed at one of the following locations:

  • Around the areolas
  • In the armpits
  • Underneath the natural curve of the breast

During your consultation, Dr. Bull, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will make sure you have a clear understanding of where your incisions will be replaced so you can start developing a clear post-surgical scar reduction plan.

How Can I Minimize My Breast Augmentation Scarring?

There are plenty of steps you can take to minimize your breast augmentation scarring. In addition to scar reduction treatments, some easy-to-follow scar minimization techniques include:

  • Refrain from smoking for at least six weeks before (and after!) your breast augmentation surgery. Smoking has been proven to interfere with the body’s healing processes, making it much more likely that you’ll end up with noticeable scarring.
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen on your chest (and everywhere else!). This rule should apply even if you’re wearing clothing, as thin cotton material can still expose your breast skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Apply topical vitamin E creams and serums to your scar tissue once they’re fully healed. Vitamin E has been shown to minimize the appearance of scarring and hyperpigmentation.

If these tips don’t result in noticeable scar reduction, laser skin resurfacing could be a good treatment option for you.

I have been going here with de bull for years I got my first breast augmentation here and felt very comfortable with his staff he is very respectful and was very satisfied with his work. I recently went to redue my surgery and get a lift and again very please I have also done Botox and other facial treatments and love their work. I would highly recommend going here for any procedure

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