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Eliminate Unwanted Fat with SmartLipo

SmartLipo is a procedure that is gaining in popularity among those looking to combat stubborn body fat. People are turning to this cosmetic procedure because it is less invasive than other body contouring treatments, such as traditional liposuction. It allows the patient to use a local anesthetic as opposed to a general anesthetic. Patients are able to recover quicker from the procedure, and they have less downtime because the body experiences a lot less trauma as it goes through the procedure.

How the SmartLipo Procedure Works

In traditional liposuction surgery, Dr. John Bull will manually break down deposits of fat in the body. However, with the SmartLipo procedure, a laser will melt the fat in the body, turning it into a liquid that can be easily sucked out. During the procedure, fatty parts of the body are injected with a solution that is a mixture of saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine. This mixture will numb the parts of the body being treated while at the same time minimizing the amount of bleeding the patient experiences. The procedure can be performed while the patient is still awake and will have little to no discomfort.

SmartLipo can be used on just about any part of the body. Since the cannula used in the procedure is very small, areas such as the neck, love handles, thighs, and the area around the breast can be easily treated. In most cases, patients will only need one treatment. The length of time needed for the treatment will vary depending on the areas that a person needs to get treated and the size of the area. The procedure can be performed within one to three hours. It’s a safe procedure that has very little to no side effects.

What to Expect during the Recovery Process

For a short period of time after the surgery, the patient will experience numbness in the area that was treated. It is recommended that they rest for 1 to 2 days after receiving treatment. As the swelling goes away, a patient should be able to go about their normal activities. After three months, most people report that their skin is completely back to normal.

It is likely that our treatment providers will prescribe a mild pain medication as well as compression bandages to help with the swelling. In the days following the procedure a patient should avoid things like blood thinners and aspirin and should not use tobacco products. Patients will need to have follow-up visits to check their progress once the SmartLipo has been completed.

Determining If You Are a Good Candidate

Ideal candidate for SmartLipo are people who are in good health, are at most 25 pounds over their ideal weight, and want to get rid of fat that they cannot eliminate through diet and exercise. People with liver problems, kidney problems, skin disorders, or heart problems may not be ideal candidates for this procedure.

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