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Enhance Your Cup Size with Breast Implants

Breast augmentation surgery has become more popular in recent years. Women no longer feel that they must hide the fact that they had their breasts enlarged. More people realize that this surgery has legitimate purposes and can be used not only to cosmetically enhance one’s figure but also to correct physical anomalies. You can decide for yourself if breast implants are right for you by learning what they are and what advantages they can offer you as an augmentation patient.

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are made of either saline or silicone. Regardless of what material they are made of, they are implanted into your breasts through a simple procedure. You will get to discuss this procedure in detail with our plastic surgeon during your initial consultation. As with any surgery, breast augmentation comes with some qualifications. For example, women who have finished giving birth and are unhappy with the size or symmetry of their breasts generally make the best candidates for breast implants.

Breast implants can give you the long-lasting results you want to improve your figure and regain your confidence in your appearance. They allow you to increase the size of your breasts to your desired size.

How Is Breast Implant Surgery Performed?

The process begins with a detailed consultation with our trusted plastic surgeon. During this initial appointment, you will get to learn more about breast implants and if they are right for you. You also have many choices when it comes to your implants. Dr. Bull will work closely with you to help you decide what type of implants you will receive, how big they will be and how they will be inserted.

During your consultation, you will also receive important information concerning what kind of recovery period you can expect and how you should spend it. You may be given a support bra to help minimize movement of your breasts as you recover.

Find Out if Breast Implants Are Right for You

At The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Medispa, our trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon can help you learn more about the benefits of breast implants. Contact our office in Naperville today to find out if this popular procedure is right for you!

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