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Get a Non-Surgical Liquid Facelift with BOTOX and Fillers

Filler treatments are usually performed on the face. This is because many adults experience wrinkling around the nose and mouth that negatively impacts their overall appearance. BOTOX® and other filler injections are non-surgical treatment options that have long-lasting effects. Microdermabrasion and peel procedures target only the skin itself, but filler treatments increase the amount of moisture drawn to the skin’s supporting structure. Filler treatments can produce healthier, smoother skin in aging skin without the need to perform any abrasive resurfacing.

The Cause Of Wrinkles And Smile Lines

Around the eyes, nose, and mouth, the skin is stretched, meaning that any loss of moisture in the supporting tissue will result in bagginess, sagging, or the appearance of crow’s feet. If collagen production slows, the process of wrinkling quickens.

BOTOX® and filler treatments target specific areas beneath the skin. The increase in moisture following filler injections plumps up the skin. BOTOX® injections numb the neural activity in the muscles of the face, significantly decreasing the noticeable frown and smile lines.

How The Procedures Differ

BOTOX® injections are targeted to specific muscle tissue on the face. During a consultation, we examine the location and extent of age lines on the mouth and nose area and design a customized series of injections. The patient lies on a table while we inject the gel using a tiny, ultra-thin needle. The muscles no longer receive strong neural signals and do not contract as severely as before. The result is a diminishing of wrinkles in the affected area.

Filler treatments use laboratory-prepared hyaluronic acid derived from non-animal sources, eliminating the possibility of an allergic reaction to animal products. After the injection, the acid stimulates moisture flow to the affected area. The increased moisture plumps up the skin and makes it more elastic.

What Patients Can Expect

Although BOTOX® gel and hyaluronic acid are eventually absorbed and discharged from the body, the active mechanisms remain for months. Sometimes a second treatment session using filler gel can be scheduled several weeks after the first if necessary.
Because these are not surgical procedures, our clients experience no downtime. Both types of treatment result in some mild swelling in the areas where the needle was placed, and those who choose BOTOX® injections may experience temporary numbness. However, normal activities can be resumed immediately.

Find Out More About Injection Treatments

If you are concerned about wrinkling skin or fold lines, you may want to consider BOTOX® or hyaluronic acid filler treatment. More simple than a full facelift procedure, the results are nearly always satisfactory. Contact The John Bull Center today and schedule a consultation to find out which injection treatment is right for you.

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