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Get Amazing Results with SmartLipo

Few situations are as frustrating as looking into a mirror and seeing a body you are unhappy with. Stubborn body fat has become such a common issue that almost everyone will have to deal with it at some point as they grow older. If you have recently begun thinking about cosmetic surgery to sculpt the body of your dreams, then you might be the perfect candidate for SmartLipo.

Dealing with Stubborn Body Fat

Cosmetic surgery should not be considered an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise, but many people struggle with stubborn body fat no matter what lifestyle changes they make. When you begin to burn more calories than you consume, you cannot target specific pockets of fat. You will slowly metabolize random fat cells throughout your body, and that is why you might be stuck with extra tissue in areas such as your midsection or flanks. SmartLipo can help you make the final few changes to your body after losing weight. It is an excellent option for minor alterations around the stomach, back, upper arms, neck, thighs and buttocks.

A Look at Laser-Assisted Liposuction

Countless patients have been able to rebuild their lives with liposuction procedures, but this type of surgery has a few drawbacks. In order to remove the fatty tissue, a small cannula physically sucks the cells out of the patient’s body. This can traumatize the surrounding skin and soft tissue. Many patients who undergo traditional liposuction must take two or more weeks off of work so they can recover from their procedure. Even after all of that hard work, there is still a chance that the patient will have loose skin and visible scars.

SmartLipo is a revolutionary laser-assisted liposuction procedure. The primary goal of this treatment is to remove stubborn body fat with a cannula, but a medical-grade laser is used during this process. The laser is set to a specific frequency to begin liquefying the fat before it is removed. This allows our surgeon to use a much smaller cannula, and that means the incisions are smaller as well. As the fat is being removed, the laser also cauterizes the nearby vessels and begins tightening the skin. Our surgeon will have much more control over the final results with SmartLipo technology.

A Personalized Procedure

The exact details of your procedure can be discussed during an initial consultation at The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa. During that meeting at our office in Naperville, you will learn more about what you can do to prepare for your surgery and how you can speed up your recovery. The total length of the SmartLipo procedure depends on a number of different factors; however, it will be personalized to address your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more.

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