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Get Fuller Lips with Professional Lip Enhancement

It is interesting to see how trends in cosmetic procedures change over the years. For example, what people wanted from lip augmentation or lip enhancement a few years ago is not necessarily what people want nowadays. A few years ago, most individuals who were interested in lip augmentation wanted to get lips that were full, sexy and as pouty-looking as possible. While there are still individuals interested in achieving these goals today, just as many people would rather enhance their lips in a subtle, natural-looking way. Both goals can be achieved with the lip enhancement procedures provided by Dr. Bull.

Some individuals are born with very thin lips. They feel like their thin lips make them look less than attractive. Others have noticed that their lips have become thinner with age. Unfortunately, as we get older, we lose facial volume, including the volume in our lips. In addition to the fact that this makes our lips look thinner, it also causes wrinkles to form around them.

The best way for you to get fuller, more attractive lips is with professional lip enhancement. Dr. Bull provides three options for lip augmentation: Restylane®, Juvederm® and fat transfer.

Restylane® and Juvederm® are dermal fillers that are injected under the skin in order to plump up a particular area. When they are injected into the lips, they add more volume, which gives them an attractive, sexier and fuller look. Dermal fillers can be used to help individuals who are dealing with thin lips because of genetics, or they can be used to help individuals who are losing volume in their lips as they get older.

While Restylane® and Juvederm® are similar products based on hyaluronic acid, they do have some differences. Restylane® is normally used to treat nasolabial folds and provides results that typically last for six months to one year. The Juvederm® line comes with three different products, each specially designed to treat different areas of the face, and patients can expect their results to last for about a year. Should you choose dermal fillers for lip enhancement, Dr. Bull will go over your options with you and help you decide on the best one for your goals and needs.

A fat transfer involves taking fat from a donor area of the body such as the abdomen or thighs, purified and then transferred to the lips. A fat transfer comes with many benefits. For example, since the procedure uses nothing more than your own body fat to enhance your lips, the risk of having an adverse reaction is almost nonexistent.

Lip enhancement begins with a consultation with Dr. Bull. During this consultation, you will get to learn about the different lip enhancement options, what kind of results you can expect and which option is best for you.

At the John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Medispa, our board-certified plastic surgeon strives to put the patient first in every personalized cosmetic procedure he performs. If you are in the Chicago area and would like to learn more about lip enhancement, contact our office in Naperville to schedule your consultation!

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