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Getting Better-Looking Skin with Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is sometimes called collagen induction therapy, which is a wonderful way to describe many of the benefits of this treatment. The major result of any micro-needling treatment is that it increases collagen exponentially beneath your skin. What is collagen, you might ask? Collagen is that amazing, natural substance that makes your skin appear toned, plump and youthful. Without it, your skin may begin to sag, wrinkles may form, and your skin may look hollow. Adequate stores of collagen are what helps to keep you looking young.

Micro-needling does this by creating millions of tiny channels across your face. We use a handheld device in order to accomplish this. Your body views these channels as injuries and works quickly to heal them. This brings blood into the area, and with the blood comes many nutrients that help grow new skin cells, repair old skin cells and increase the stores of collagen and elastin beneath your skin.

After your micro-needling treatment, you will immediately have a new glow because of the increased blood in the area. However, after multiple treatments, you will begin to notice some of your biggest skin problems beginning to fade.

This treatment smooths out lines and wrinkles, including those that have already set in the skin. As collagen increases beneath the skin, it plumps up the surrounding tissues and smooths out the skin. It also smooths out scars, although it should not be used on raised keloid scars. However, scars that are deep in the surface of the skin, such as acne scars, can fill in after this treatment.

The procedure also improves how well your topical treatments work. Your creams and serums will make it deep within the skin via the newly formed channels and will be more easily absorbed by new, healthy skin cells.

At The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Medispa in Naperville, we believe that micro-needling is a great treatment for nearly anyone in the Chicago, St. Charles, Joliet, Geneva, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Aurora, Lombard, and Oak Brook areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if it can work for you!

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