Are you interested in breast lift surgery to correct sagging breasts – but not sure how much time you’ll need to devote to recovery?

As it turns out, you may be back to your normal routine sooner than you think. Take a look at board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Bull’s recommendations as to how long a healthy breast lift recovery should take.

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What’s the Average Recovery Time for a Breast Lift? 

While every patient will have a different recovery experience, for the most part, you can expect your breast lift recovery to take about four weeks.

That doesn’t mean you’ll need to take an entire month off from work. In most cases, patients are able to return to work about one to two weeks after their breast lift surgery. The only exception to this rule is in cases where the patient has a manual job, where lifting is required. In these cases, patients should take off at least three weeks to allow for maximum healing.

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How to Have a Speedy (and Healthy!) Breast Lift Recovery

  1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach for the first four weeks after your breast lift surgery. If you have trouble sleeping on your back, Dr. Bull recommends using a recliner chair for comfortable sleep that won’t put your hearing at risk.
  2. Avoid lifting any heavyweight, over 20 pounds, for the first two weeks post-surgery. This includes your children, so you may need help at home if you have small children.
  3. Wear a compression garment for as long as Dr. Bull recommends. You should avoid wearing a bra with underwire until Dr. Bull gives you the green light to wear normal undergarments.
  4. Hold off on intensive workouts for four to six weeks after your surgery, or until Dr. Bull provides approval.

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