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How Long is Recovery From a Rhinoplasty?

Are you interested in a rhinoplasty procedure?

Whether you’re in the middle of researching the surgery or you’re just about ready to make the decision, there’s one question that’s probably weighing on your mind about getting a nose job:

Rhinoplasty Recovery Duration

First, the good news – you’ll usually start seeing results as soon as three to four weeks after your rhinoplasty surgery. That’s when the majority of your swelling and bruising subsides to reveal your new nose shape.

But with that news comes an important caveat – it can take up to one year to see your final rhinoplasty results. That’s because your minor swelling may still happen, causing the nasal tissue to shift until it reaches its final position. 

Fortunately, that minor swelling isn’t too visible to the naked eye, so you should still be happy with your rhinoplasty results as early as one month post-procedure.

What to Expect From Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

You should expect your first week of rhinoplasty recovery to be the most intensive, as this is when you may have packing or a splint on your nose or within your nostrils to help hold the new shape of your nose. This packing is typically removed about one day after your procedure and the splint at one week.

You should expect to see some bruising and swelling during the first week of your recovery; you may also notice bruising underneath your eyes. These bruises usually fade away after about one to two weeks.

Most patients tend to take one week off from work. Patients can cover any remaining bruising with makeup by the second week. Most visible swelling and bruising should be gone by the fourth week.

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