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How Much Do Botox Injections Cost?

Admit it: You’re interested in experiencing Botox for yourself.

You love the idea of erasing a few years from your appearance with something non-permanent. You want to look refreshed, rejuvenated, and more youthful – and you know Botox can certainly help.

There’s just one thing holding you back from scheduling that consultation: you’re not sure how much it will cost. So exactly how much do Botox injections cost? And how long will your results last for?


How Much Do Botox Injections Cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for a Botox injection in 2019 was about $397. The cost of Botox can vary depending on the area where you’re located, the experience level of your dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and the amount of Botox needed to achieve your ideal results.

The best way to determine how much your specific Botox injections will cost is to schedule a consultation, where a Botox expert can provide you with a final figure.

How Long Do Botox Effects Last?

Every patient is different, but Botox effects typically last anywhere from three to four months. Your results can be influenced by where the Botox is injected, how much Botox was used, and whether or not this is your first Botox injection. For example, patients who have had frequent Botox injections typically see their results last longer than first-time clients.

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox?

You’re a good candidate for Botox injections if you have moderate frown lines and wrinkles on your forehead, particularly between your eyebrows. Some candidates may also see significant improvement by using Botox on their crow’s feet.

“I have trusted Dr Bull’s office with my Botox for quite a while and have been very pleased. When my son need emergency surgery to repair his broken nose, Dr Bull and Monika quickly got us in for an evaluation and scheduled the procedure for the next day. Dr Bull is very competent, skilled, professional, and comforting. My son’s nose looked great and was in minimal pain. I highly recommend Dr Bull and his staff. They have a great reputation and are compassionate people as well. Thank you very much!”

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