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How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

Interested in getting breast augmentation surgery, but not sure how much you should expect to shell out for breast implants?

That’s why we’re revealing how much you can expect to pay for implants and augmentation surgery, as well as the factors that influence the final costs of your breast augmentation procedure.

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Average Cost of Breast Implants

The average cost of breast implants varies based on the implant manufacturer. However, with implants and surgery combined, you can expect to pay up to $12,000 for your breast augmentation surgery, according to Bankrate.

What Factors Influence Breast Augmentation Surgery?

 1. The surgeon’s expertise.

Your surgeon’s expertise can play a large role in how much you end up paying for your breast augmentation surgery. Board certifications, education, and years of experience can all play a role in determining the plastic surgeon’s breast augmentation fees

However, don’t look for a discounted plastic surgeon, especially when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. This is your health – don’t put it in the hands of someone who is willing to slash prices just to make more money.

 2. Location of the surgery. 

If you live in a metro area, you may pay more for your implants and breast augmentation surgery than if you live in a more low-cost area.

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3. Warranties associated with your implants. 

Most implants come with manufacturer warranties that cover surgical costs in case something goes wrong with your implants. Some of those warranties may come at no cost, while others may require additional fees. It’s worth looking into these warranties, as they can provide you with protection and peace of mind.

 4. Surgery-related fees.

Like with any other surgery, there are associated fees that can come along with your breast augmentation procedure. These may include surgical center costs, general anesthesia, and prescription medications.

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If you’re worried about the costs of your breast implants – or augmentation surgery – be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about affordable financing options.

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