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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

It may not seem like it, but those razors and waxing kits can seriously put a dent in your budget over time.
In fact, it’s estimated that the average woman spends almost $5,000 on razors in her lifetime – and that’s not including additional shaving essentials like shaving cream, water, and yes, bandages for those nicks and cuts.
There’s a better – and cheaper – alternative out there for people who want smooth, hair-free skin: laser hair removal.
But how much does laser hair removal cost?


Laser Hair Removal Costs: A Breakdown

Laser hair removal costs can be broken down by session, with the average treatment price coming in at around $500. Keep in mind that this is a national average, so your session costs may be more (or less!) expensive.

However, most clients need more than one laser hair removal treatment to see their ideal results, so that above number may not give you the bigger picture of what you’ll pay for your total treatment.

For that reason, clients should expect their total laser hair removal costs to be about $2,500, as that covers the average number of sessions needed to see smoother skin (five treatments).

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