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Improve Overall Appearance with a Facelift

When a person decides to undergo a facelift, it is because there is something about their appearance that they don’t like and want to fix. As many before and after pictures have clearly shown, this procedure can greatly improve one’s appearance when performed by a trained professional. It can make a person look younger and give them a more symmetrical, attractive face.

A prospective patient needs to be clear as to why they want to have a facelift in the first place. They need to have a clear idea of what they want the end results to be, and they must know what the procedure can do for them. People who walk into a plastic surgeon’s office and simply say that they look unattractive and want to look pretty are setting themselves up for disappointment.

In order for a facelift to be effective, you should have a specific concern that you want to have addressed. Maybe your eyebrows are too low, you have a lot of sagging skin or you want to address something else entirely. If you have a specific goal, then you’re able to look at a before and after photograph of yourself with the procedure and say with confidence that you accomplished your goal. Those who have specific goals in mind are almost always much happier with their results.

The surgery is designed to add to or subtract from facial features that truly need to be corrected. When a person decides to have a facelift without a clear objective in mind, they could find themselves consistently unhappy with the results they get. That’s one of the main reasons why Dr. Bull will always have a consultation with you prior to any procedure you choose. This consultation will be your chance to discuss your concerns and goals and develop a personalized procedure just for you.

If you already know what it is that bothers you about your face, you can go ahead and visit Dr. Bull to talk about the benefits of this procedure. He will also let you know what you can expect. The goal is to make small changes so that you can have a naturally more youthful look.

Can a facelift make you look more attractive? Absolutely. But in order for the facelift to be effective, you need to have specific goals in mind. Using those goals, our board-certified plastic surgeon can help mold your face into something that you are pleased with and something that you truly feel is attractive.

If you believe a facelift is the best procedure for you, visit Dr. Bull at The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Medispa. We are pleased to provide the Chicago area with a wide variety of expertly performed cosmetic procedures. Contact our office in Naperville today to schedule your consultation and learn more!

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