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Is It Possible to Do a Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation?

Did you know that you can increase the size and volume of your bust without silicone or saline implants?

That’s right: A fat transfer breast augmentation provides patients with the option of increasing their breast size with their own body fat. The end result is a noticeable boost to the bustline, all without relying on implants.

Let’s take a closer look at the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure, including how to tell if you’re a good candidate for this cosmetic surgery.

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What is a Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation?

A fat transfer breast augmentation procedure is a cosmetic surgery that uses harvested body fat to augment the size and shape of the breasts. This surgery is best for patients who want to increase their bust size by about a cup

This surgery first involves liposuction surgery, as it allows your plastic surgeon to harvest enough body fat to transplant to the bust. Once the fat is cleansed and prepared, it’s injected into the breasts. Your plastic surgeon will place fat within the breast to achieve the desired result. However, sometimes more than one transfer is needed to achieve the volume desired.

All candidates should be healthy nonsmokers who do not take blood-thinning medications.

What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Recovery Like?

Fat transfer breast augmentation recovery is similar to traditional breast augmentation recovery. Patients should expect to take at least one week off from work and should refrain from intense exercise regimens for at least 3 weeks after surgery.

“I have been going here with de bull for years I got my first breast augmentation here and felt very comfortable with his staff he is very respectful and was very satisfied with his work. I recently went to reduce my surgery and get a lift and again very please I have also done Botox and other facial treatments and love their work. I would highly recommend going here for any procedure ” *

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