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Juvederm for Natural-Looking Results

When it comes to addressing the normal signs of aging, there really isn’t a single treatment for resolving all wrinkle types. That’s because facial creasing occurs in a variety of areas, and with very different causes. For instance, most people develop fine lines and wrinkles around their lips, at their foreheads, and around their eyes as the result of ongoing facial movement. As time passes, these superficial, dynamic wrinkles will be joined by deeper and more noticeable facial folds. These are called static wrinkles and they’re the result of age-related changes in the skin’s integrity and loss of facial volume. For these more advanced wrinkles, people can turn to dermal fillers like Juvederm®. Juvederm® is a revolutionary and incredibly popular treatment that’s been FDA approved for minimizing or eliminating deep creases along the nasolabial folds, severe perioral wrinkles, and deep, facial hollows or other signs of diminished volume.

How Juvederm® Produces Natural, Beautiful Results in Almost No Time At All

Deep at the foundation layer of your skin, hyaluronic acid (HA) exists to bolster the overall structure of the dermis and to promote elasticity. As you age, your body will make and retain far less of this important, skin-supporting acid. Juvederm®, however, is largely comprised of HA. Once injected into your skin, this formula will quickly attach itself to nearby skin cells. Moreover, it will also attract and retain local, water molecules to achieve a rapid, plumping effect. This leaves the treated area looking much fuller and more youthful, while effectively hydrating the skin from the inside out. Given that Juvederm® is primarily made up of a substance that your body already produces, there’s little likelihood of allergic reaction. It’s important to note, however, that the body will eventually recognize the HA in Juvederm®. When it does, it will break this acid down and absorb it, thereby causing your treatment results to fade away. Once they do, you can simply have your Juvederm® injections repeated for extended benefits.

What Juvederm® Treatment Entails

Juvederm® treatments are incredibly quick and easy. During these procedures, very minute amounts of the Juvederm® gel are injected into the visage. Once all areas with deep creases and noticeable hollows have been addressed, you’ll be given a quick, facial massage, and then you’ll be free to go.

Choosing the Perfect Juvederm® Formula

As a brand, Juvederm® is incredibly versatile. Certain forms of Juvederm® are perfect for filling in facial hollows and creases. People who are new to dermal fillers often receive Juvederm® injections that last just six to nine months. After gaining more experience with these treatments, however, people can also choose Juvederm® options that last longer.

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