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Laser Hair Removal with the Cutera CoolGlide

Laser technology for the removal of body hair has advanced significantly over the past decade. One of the newest and most effective treatment devices now in use is the CoolGlide instrument. A small handheld laser hair removal device, the CoolGlide uses low-level laser beams similar to what is found inside a CD player or computer hard drive. This type of hair removal is painless, is permanent, and has no known side effects. We recommend the CoolGlide hair removal procedure for all of our patients who complain about stubborn or ingrown hairs in the knee area, on the chest, and even around the ears and nose.

What Makes CoolGlide Unique

Electrolysis is a very painful procedure that is somewhat invasive. It also leaves small scars and can even damage the skin in rare cases. It is also a tedious procedure because hair follicles must be treated one at a time. The CoolGlide laser hair removal treatment method is different because it uses intensely targeted low-level laser beams on a great number of follicles simultaneously.

The instrument itself is rather small and contains a cooling tip adjacent to the light ports. As it is gently applied to the affected area, the patient enjoys a cool sensation with no burning from the laser light. Some patients report a slight degree of pinching or stinging, but this lasts only a few moments. The targeted laser beam actually destroys the living follicle, making removal of the hair easy.

Scheduling Treatments

Most patients will want to have hairs removed from areas where the follicles are producing thick, unwanted strands. For men, knees have always been a problem because of the thick ingrown hairs that begin to develop over the years. Women find it difficult to control hairs that grow in the breast area. Both men and women are concerned about hair growth around the ears or just below the nose. Depending on the location of the treated area and the amount of hair follicles, two to five sessions are usually scheduled.

Between laser hair removal sessions, the skin is treated with a salve or ointment. Patients generally report little or no pain, although some redness in the treated area is usually experienced. Small hairs may begin to appear in the treated area, but these are actually dead hairs being pushed up and away from the skin. The follicle itself is now unable to produce strands of hair from dead cells. Once the desired appearance is achieved, no more laser hair removal treatment sessions need to be scheduled.

A Permanent Solution

Rarely do follicles begin to regenerate themselves. In most cases, the hair is gone for good. Laser hair removal is safe to perform on persons with all skin types. The presence of melanin has no effect on the treatment procedure. People with tanned skin experience results that are just as positive as those with untanned, sensitive skin. This is because the CoolGlide laser hair removal instrument uses longer wavelengths that have no negative effects on the skin itself. In all cases, the results are permanent.

To find out more about CoolGlide laser hair removal, contact The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa. Our medical team, led by Dr. John Bull, will work with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

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