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Laser Resurfacing For Healthy Looking Skin

Laser resurfacing is an effective method for removing skin irregularities such as wrinkles and acne scars from the facial area. The techniques used vary according to the degree to which the skin surface needs treatment. Resurfacing is an outpatient procedure that takes only about 45 minutes to complete.

During treatment, concentrated pulses of laser light are directed at specified areas of the epidermis. The uppermost levels of the skin are burned away, and the result is a smoother appearance with fewer blemishes. As an anti-aging skin treatment, laser resurfacing has no equal in the industry.

Preparing for the Resurfacing Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. John Bull or a member of our medical team will sit down with you and discuss options for treatment. In most cases, a single procedure is all that is needed. You will be informed of the different types of laser treatments available. We can also recommend treatments based on your skin type and aesthetic goals.

Most laser resurfacing procedures involve the use of either a carbon dioxide or erbium laser tool. A carbon dioxide laser wand uses ultra pulse energy delivered in very short bursts. The face will have been mapped, and the target areas programmed into the operational software. The surgeon or cosmetologist directs the pulsed beams at the upper levels of the afflicted area.

An erbium laser resurfacing tool sends pulsed light beams in the heat wave part of the spectrum to slightly deeper levels of the skin. This type of laser tool is more effective than carbon dioxide lasers for smoothing out deeper wrinkle lines.

What to Expect

Most laser resurfacing procedures concentrate on the smoothing of wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead. A local anesthetic is applied to these areas a few minutes before the treatment begins. If the entire face is being treated, general anesthesia may be required.

After the laser resurfacing procedure is complete, the affected areas are given a salve and are bandaged. The client will need to replace the bandages daily for up to one week or more. A special cleaning solution or salve is used several times each day until the bandages are removed for good. This ongoing cleaning process helps to reduce the possibility of any scab formation.

Who Is A Candidate For Laser Resurfacing?

Those with leftover scars from acne are prime candidates for this procedure. When the upper levels of the skin are heat-treated, new skin grows back naturally, and these new cells do not have the same DNA mutations as the older, scarred cellular tissue that was burned away. This means smoother, silkier skin with no discoloration.

Age wrinkles that form around the eyelids and mouth are something nobody wants. Laser resurfacing can remove these fine lines even if the wrinkles are somewhat deep. The new skin growth is more supple, and the production of collagen increases after the treatment. Individuals who have wrinkle lines on the face are excellent candidates for this type of outpatient surgery.

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