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Liposuction for Men

When most people talk about cosmetic surgery, it’s usually assumed it was performed for a woman rather than a man. However, this is no longer true. Men today are getting plastic surgery the same as women for a variety of reasons. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for women anymore.

Many men now understand that they can also take advantage of the body-sculpting, age-erasing benefits of cosmetic surgery just like women. Several informative articles as well as publicity on television, news agencies, magazines, and talk shows have provided men a key tool in order to realize the advantages that they too can enjoy. Women have traditionally been the ones with all the choices concerning their beauty matters. But now, men can reap the benefits that come with various cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

At The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa we offer a number of treatments suited for men. Ranging from non-surgical injectable treatments to traditional liposuction, men can enjoy many of the same cosmetic procedures as women. To schedule your appointment with Dr. John Bull, contact The John Bull Center today or stop by our Naperville office.

Why do men want cosmetic surgery?

One main reason why men are deciding to get plastic surgery involves the intense competition regarding the world of business. Unfortunately, there’s a widespread misconception that older individuals are less efficient and productive when it comes to good job performance. Therefore, in an effort to hang on to their youthful looks, several men are turning to cosmetic surgery for help.

Men and Liposuction

Liposuction has literally transformed the way men can re-sculpt their bodies. Because very tiny incisions are used, they’re relatively easily hidden and quite difficult to notice. Even though virtually any area of a man’s body can be liposuctioned, the most popular areas include the abdomen (like women), the loin, and the neck area.

Loin and Abdomen

In the abdomen and loin area, the small incisions are placed in different locations surrounding the area in order to facilitate a crisscross suctioning pattern. Ultrasonic liposuction is particularly helpful for men in areas that contain fibrous type fat, like on the back and loin. Several surgeons think that men with gynecomastia (males with large breasts) make good candidates for ultrasonic liposuction.


The excess fat is suctioned via a tiny incision just under the chin or sometimes behind the patient’s ear. Under the chin lies a pad a fat that can be eliminated. Also, because a few adhesions can potentially develop, tightening the skin in that area will likely benefit the patient as well.

Big-boned men and liposuction

Any person weighing twice their target weight or more than 100 pounds over their desired weight is considered obese. Fat deposits are one key way for the body to store extra energy. Some hormones, such as steroids and insulin, manage a person’s fat metabolism. In the trunk and legs, the fat underneath the skin contains two layers – superficial and deep.

Every individual has a unique pattern regarding their fat deposition and is primarily determined by how much fat their deep layer contains. It’s this layer that’s eliminated during a traditional liposuction procedure.

On the other hand, the superficial layer is denser with fat that lies within pockets held by fibrous bands, which is the exact cause of unsightly cellulite. Traditional liposuction isn’t effective on this layer, but can often be addressed through ultrasonic liposuction.

Before you commit to a liposuction procedure, keep in mind that you’ll experience both psychological and physical changes, some rather unexpectedly. Also, be sure you have realistic expectations prior to surgery and discuss them with your doctor.

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