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Not Ready for a Full Facelift? Try an Eyelid Lift

Everyone ages differently, but there are many common signs of aging that start to appear on our skin as we get older. Maybe you have wrinkles forming on your forehead, or perhaps your skin is starting to sag near your chin. Or perhaps the issues are more subtle. Maybe you are unhappy with the skin around your eyes, and you are thinking about an eyelid lift before a full facelift.

What You’re Ready for

When the skin around your eyes looks tired and old, you don’t necessarily need to get a full facelift. Opting for a procedure that is more than what you need is not the best idea because the results will hide the natural beauty that you still have. Therefore, you can choose the eyelid lift now, and in the future, when you are in need of more changes, you can go for the full facelift. Furthermore, bags around the eyes often start to form before other signs of aging appear.

Baby Steps

Perhaps you are someone who is interested in plastic surgery for your face, but you have always been a little bit nervous about taking the first step. Eyelid surgery is a small step that you can take to introduce yourself to the world of facial surgery. The procedure is not massive, so you can let go of some of your anxiety. You may decide that you are happy with just the eyelid lift, or you may see a full facelift in your future.

What an Eyelid Lift Accomplishes

Now that you have thought a little bit about taking the plunge and getting a lift of some sort, you probably want to know specifically what type of problems an eyelid lift can correct. Many people have bags under their eyes, and you can get rid of those by opting for an eyelid lift. You may also have noticed that the skin at the top of your eyelids is starting to look loose.

Easier Makeup Application

When you get the eyelid lift, you are likely going to notice a significant change in your appearance. On top of that, you will probably also find that you have an easier time putting on makeup. If you have wrinkles or sagging skin, your eyeshadow might crease when you go to put it on. Now that your eyelids are smooth, however, those problems can go away.

Who Can Get This Surgery

Since you know about some of the benefits and reasons for choosing this type of surgery, you now want to know if you are a candidate. You will need to discuss your specific concerns with Dr. John Bull and our medical team at The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser MediSpa. However, usually the people who qualify for this type of surgery are those who are generally in good health and who do not smoke. You will also need to consider your specific goals for the surgery.

If you aren’t ready for a full facelift but you know that you want to make some changes, you can opt for an eyelid lift instead. Contact The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser MediSpa today to schedule your consultation.

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