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Proudly Offering Vaser Liposuction and SmartLipo to Chicago Residents

Traditional liposuction generally produces satisfactory results, but many are advised to avoid the procedure if the targeted fat deposits are deep beneath the skin. Sometimes, fat collects in smaller regions in the arms, legs, or abdominal area. VASER LipoSelection® and SmartLipo are alternative fat removal procedures that involve the use of small cannulas to remove fat. VASER® Lipo is a rather new technique that involves using sound energy to break up fat cells. SmartLipo is a similar procedure but involves the use of tiny, single-fiber laser probes to heat up and melt the fat cells. Chicago residents can learn more about each of our body sculpting services in more detail when they come in for their initial consultation.

Our Chicago area clients are happy with the results they experience when we perform one of these procedures. The procedure is simple, and in most cases, there is little to no downtime for the client. If you do not want to undergo traditional liposuction but need to rid yourself of small pockets of fat, consider VASER LipoSelection or SmartLipo.

How VASER® Lipo Is Performed

This alternative is considered to be far less invasive than traditional liposuction. Our surgeon harnesses the power of sound energy to precisely target areas of unwanted fat. Carefully adjusting the amplitude and frequency of the ultrasound, Dr. Bull controls the amount of energy that disturbs the fat cells.

The fat cells quickly break up as the cell walls burst. The fat is then removed via suction. A typical procedure that targets a specific area such as the belly can be completed in about one hour.

SmartLipo Treatment

SmartLipo is similar to VASER® and traditional liposuction in that unwanted fat is removed through a cannula, but the process involves the use of thin laser fibers. The fibers are inserted into the cannula, and when the laser is fired, the heat melts away the fat. The fat is then removed via suction.

Consultation and Treatment

During the consultation with the client, we will outline both procedures and recommend one or the other based on our examination of the areas where fat needs to be removed. Choosing one of these techniques is not difficult, as the decision is based on the depth of the fat deposits, how large they are and the physical characteristics of the client. These include weight, proximity of the fat deposits to bone and muscle tissue and the client’s medical history.

Expected Results

Both of these procedures are designed to remove only small fat deposits. They are not performed as a means to remove large amounts of fat. Liposuction, whatever type performed, is not to be considered a weight loss program.

Results of both VASER® and SmartLipo can be quite dramatic. The fat is gone for good, and the surface of the targeted areas is now more naturally contoured.

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We proudly offer both VASER® Lipo and SmartLipo for patients residing in the Chicago area. We also provide traditional liposuction for interested and qualified patients. Contact our office in Naperville today to learn more and to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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