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How to Have a Successful Recovery

If you’re planning on undergoing breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to have a plan in place for a successful recovery. While your recovery plan will be tailored to your individual needs based on your plastic surgeon’s recommendations, you may also want to include the following advice:

  • During the first few days, make sure you have plenty of help available at your home or apartment. This is critical, as you may find it difficult to do many daily activities. A partner or family member can help ensure you have help when you need it the most.
  • It’s not recommended to sleep on your stomach or side during the first couple of weeks of recovery.
  • Stock up on your favorite entertainment! You’ll likely spend a lot of time during that first few days at home, so why not take advantage by checking out that new TV show or reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to?

Don’t forget that one of the best ways you can have a successful breast augmentation recovery is to attend all your follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeon. This way, he or she can ensure that your recovery is going smoothly, as well as recommend when you can start incorporating exercise, and other activities into your routine.

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