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Remove Unwanted Fat with Less Invasive SmartLipo

It is an unfortunate fact that almost everyone will deal with stubborn body fat at some point in their life. This is often the result of a sedentary lifestyle, an unhealthy diet, hormonal changes or a dip in one’s metabolism. When dieting and exercise no longer seem to be enough, a cosmetic procedure such as SmartLipo may be your best option for trimming your waistline and rebuilding your confidence.

The Disadvantages of Invasive Procedures

Many cosmetic procedures produce amazing results, but it is important to look at all aspects of a treatment before making a decision. Traditional liposuction has allowed millions of people to eradicate stubborn body fat in areas throughout their body. While this particular surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, it is not right for everyone.

Many patients do not have the time or means to go through an invasive procedure that will keep them away from their work and daily errands for weeks at a time. Others are worried about larger scars which can become visible when the initial bruising subsides. SmartLipo will help you build the body of your dreams without these unwanted side effects.

The Ideal Candidate

SmartLipo is both safe and effective, but it may not be for everyone. As a general rule, patients should already be making strides toward a healthy body weight. Those who are 100 pounds overweight will see dramatic changes, but it might not get them to their ideal size. For a patient who is within 30 or 40 pounds of their ideal body weight, SmartLipo might be the last bit of help they need.

Laser-Assisted Surgery

Lasers play an important role in the healthcare industry, and this includes cosmetic procedures. After years of exhaustive research, we have found that lasers can emulsify soft tissue, stimulate collagen production, cauterize vessels and seal wounds. During your SmartLipo procedure, our highly skilled medical professional will take full advantage of these benefits in order to make your treatment as quick, safe and effective as possible.


Just as with traditional liposuction, SmartLipo is carried out to remove subcutaneous fat. However, instead of using a large metal rod to remove the fat, a laser will be used to emulsify the fat cells so a smaller tool can be used to remove the fat. This makes the procedure significantly less invasive.

The Recovery Process

Most patients need no more than 48 hours before they can return to their job. That being said, physical activity should be kept to a minimum for at least a week. Patients should closely follow any other aftercare instructions given to them by our specialist.

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