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Restoring Shape with a Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery, commonly known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting decreased breast volume, sagging and uneven breasts, stretched areolas and drooping nipples, lifting your breasts and giving you a youthful contour. If there is too much or too little breast volume, your surgeon may recommend a breast augmentation or breast reduction also.

Why is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Mastopexy can be performed because of several reasons that include:

If you have sagging breasts as a result of pregnancy, gravity, nursing, normal aging, heredity, and weight gain or loss
Your surgeon may recommend it if breast implants alone cannot make you achieve your desired contours
If the tissue that surrounds the areola and nipples has become stretched
Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Lift?

A good candidate for mastopexy should have the following qualities:

In good health and at or near the desired weight
Over 18 years
No serious medical condition
Knowledgeable about the procedure and its potential risks
Not planning to breastfeed
Nipples and areola pointing downward
The Breast Lift Procedure

A typical breast lift procedure takes between one and three hours to complete and general anesthesia is administered. It may take slightly longer if the surgery is combined with breast implants. There are several methods used, and your surgeon will recommend the most suitable technique after examining you and considering your shape and the degree of ptosis.

The procedure begins by administering anesthesia and then the surgeon makes any of the following incision techniques depending on the amount of excess skin, the degree of sagging, and size of breasts.

Anchor Incision —it is also referred to as Inverted T. this method is suitable for women with extremely drooping breasts.
Lollipop Lift —this method is suitable for moderate ptosis
Donut Lift —it is also known as Benelli or periareolar lift. It is suitable for a mild to moderate degree of sagging
Crescent Lift —this is often done together with breast augmentation. It is suitable for a small degree of ptosis
After making the incision, the surgeon lifts the underlying breast tissue and reshapes it. The areola and nipple are then moved to a higher and natural position. The surgeon then brings the skin surrounding the areola down and joins them together to reshape your breast. After completion, the incision is closed using stitches, giving your breast new contours. The stitches are often located around the areola, vertically extending downwards from the nipple and along the lower breast crease.

Benefits of a Breast Lift Surgery

The following are the benefits of mastopexy:

Symmetrical breasts
Youthful position and size of nipples
Relieving contact between the lower side of the breast skin and chest skin
Every year, many women undergo successful mastopexy procedures without major problems, and they are happy with the results. You too can benefit from this procedure. If you feel that you need this surgery to correct sagging or drooping breasts, contact The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa. Our team and Dr. John Bull will work with you to determine the most effective treatment plan for your needs.

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