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Start Prepping for Summer with Laser Cellulite Treatments

Summer is the time to wear those lovely short summer dresses, skirts and shorts. For those women (and it is a large proportion) who have extra cellulite on their legs or thighs, it can be excruciatingly embarrassing to wear short clothing items in public. Even the most athletic and fit women can still have stubborn pockets of cellulite on the legs and thighs, and it can make it hard to wear shorts, much less a bikini, at the beach.

At The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser MedSpa, we can help you get rid of unwanted cellulite through a laser treatment called Cellulaze. For some patients, multiple treatment sessions may be necessary and full results will develop over time as collagen is restored. That is why now is the perfect time to start treatment – your full results will be visible in time for you to hit the beach this spring and summer. Contact The John Bull Center today to learn more.

Women are far more prone to cellulite than men, simply because their bodies are made to hold more fat deposits. Cellulite appears as dimples of fat in the legs and buttocks, and these dimples typically resist even very stringent exercise activities. Several factors can contribute to cellulite formation, including restricted circulation, genetics and diet and exercise. Until the advent of laser and non-invasive techniques to remove cellulite, most women had to resort to liposuction, which had more than its share of risks.

There are actually several different types of laser treatments available, but they all have essentially the same use. Doctors and cosmetic surgeons use the laser light waves to break down the pockets of fat beneath the skin. Over time, the body will eliminate this “melted” fat in a natural way. The laser can also help to thicken the outer layer of the skin to make the surface appear even smoother.

Depending on the amount of cellulite and the effectiveness of the particular laser treatment you are using, you may need only one session or several. Some patients will complete this process with a mild sedative or anesthetic of some type.

The primary advantage of laser cellulite therapy is that it is low in risk, low in pain and fairly low in cost, particularly when compared to liposuction. The results do very somewhat from patient to patient and laser type to laser type, but overall the results are positive and noticeable.

Essentially, for those ladies who want a smooth and svelte look in time for beach wear, this treatment can make you look and feel your best in time for summer. It is best to look into the many types of laser available in your area, and make a consultation with a professional who can help you assess your costs, risks and benefits. Allow yourself several weeks before your beach visits, just in case you need multiple treatments.

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