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Target Stubborn fat with SmartLipo

Over the last two decades, liposuction has remained one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. This particular procedure is extremely effective, but many patients would like to avoid the invasiveness. SmartLipo™ is a revolutionary procedure that allows our surgeon to quickly and safely remove localized pockets of fat. If you are ready to eradicate stubborn fatty tissue, then you might be the perfect candidate for SmartLipo™.

A Look at Stubborn Body Fat

Just because you have made extensive lifestyle changes does not necessarily mean that your stubborn fat is going to go away. Studies have shown us that targeted exercises are not effective, and you might have to stick with a diet for years before you finally get rid of fat in the stomach, knees, thighs and neck. Your body will do everything it can to retain an emergency store of energy, and that is why so many people struggle with fat in those areas.

SmartLipo™ Technology

Non-laser liposuction is an incredibly effective way to remove localized pockets of fat, but it can be hard on a patient’s body. SmartLipo™ and traditional liposuction will both remove fatty tissue, but they use slightly different technology. With SmartLipo™, a small laser filament is attached to the end of a thin cannula. The laser is used to begin rupturing the fat cells before they are extracted. Since the fat is broken apart, it is much easier to extract and a smaller cannula can be used. The laser can also stimulate the skin and other surrounding soft tissue. This tends to reduce the recovery time and minimize side effects after the procedure.

The Many Benefits of SmartLipo™

The biggest benefit of SmartLipo™ technology is the fact that it is nowhere near as invasive as traditional liposuction. Patients are not only able to recover faster, but the recovery is also much more comfortable.

Many patients also note that the results are much more consistent and even. Since the fat is emulsified prior to removal, the surface of the skin tends to remain smooth and toned. This drastically reduces your risk of developing dimples and bulges later on. Due to the fact that the fat is physically removed from your body, the results can be permanent as long as you stay within a healthy weight range.

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