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The Many Benefits of a Breast Reduction in Chicago

With so much talk about breast augmentation, there is less talk about another popular form of breast enhancement. With a breast reductionChicago residents can have breasts that are smaller and firmer while treating a number of different issues that large breasts can cause.

Reducing Breast Size and Weight

When you reduce the size of the breasts, you also reduce their weight. This is often what women seeking this surgery are interested in. The weight of larger breasts can cause a number of health problems, and a breast reduction can relieve those. For many women, heavy breasts mean that bras are uncomfortable and the straps dig into their shoulders. The weight can also cause lower back pain and poor posture. With less weight, these problems generally correct themselves for a straighter back without pressure from the front.

Smaller Clothing

When breasts are larger, it can also be difficult to find clothing that fits well. Most women’s clothing is not designed to fit a larger breast size, so finding shirts, dresses and even bras that fit well can be difficult. In addition, many women in Chicago don’t like their breasts to be the focal point of their look. With a smaller size, the breasts can be more proportionate to the rest of a woman’s frame.

What to Expect with Breast Reduction Surgery

The first step in getting this surgery is to have a consultation. Our surgeon will want to make sure you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. You will also discuss the size you want, specifying a bra cup size. Our surgeon will discuss with you the way the surgery is performed and how long your recovery time will be. This often depends on how large the breasts were before the surgery and how much they will be reduced.

After your surgery, you can look forward to less weight on your chest and a silhouette that you will enjoy looking at. Patient satisfaction is higher with this type of surgery than with any other type of plastic surgery that is performed today. If you’re ready for a breast reduction in Chicago, get in touch with us at The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medispa in Naperville. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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