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Understanding Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Today, you have more options than ever to achieve the body shaping results that you want. If you’re happy with your weight but want to get rid of some bulges, fat reduction can take your body to the next level. But would you be better off with surgery or a non-surgical option? Well there are pluses and minuses to both.

Surgical Fat Reduction
If you want the most fat removal in a single session, surgical interventions are the best option. The most commonly used fat reduction surgery is liposuction. It can remove fat in a single procedure. If you’re having other procedures done, you can use the fat from the liposuction as an analogous transfer. This permits more sculpting to be done at once. Doctors often use fat transfers in butt lifts.

Benefits of Surgical Procedures
It allows targeted, personalized sculpting.
It can remove quantities of fat in a single session.
You can have several procedures done at the same time.
It produces the most dramatic, noticeable results.
The results are visible immediately after the surgery.
Common Types of Surgical Fat Loss
Thigh lift
Brazilian butt lift
Tummy tuck
Breast reduction
Non-Surgical Fat Reduction
If you want to avoid surgery, there are several excellent fat reduction options that can shape your body, give you firm curves and even address other issues. Many people prefer these treatments because they are quick, easy and simple. One of the best of these treatments is known as CoolSculpting®.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Procedures
There is no actual recovery period.
You can usually continue all your normal activities while you’re doing the procedures.
You get visible, long-lasting results.
Treatments can be repeated whenever you want more shaping.
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