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What Can a Breast Lift Achieve?

Breast augmentation is one of the most requested surgical cosmetic procedures, with many women seeking only to have their breasts lifted. Breast lifts have gained traction in recent years, especially as super-sized implants have fallen out of fashion. If you’re thinking about a breast lift for yourself, here are some factors you need to consider.

Your Future Fertility Plans

If you don’t plan on any future pregnancies or are planning to formula feed, your breast lift will have no impact on your plans. Be aware, however, that pregnancy and the associated weight gain can cause your breasts to enlarge during pregnancy and then deflate again post-baby. This could partially undo your surgical result and make a revision likely.

Your Weight Control

If you want a breast lift because you’ve lost a lot of weight and your breasts have sagged, you need to be sure your weight will remain stable after your breast lift. Regaining the weight can undo the work of the surgeon and you will not be happy with the results at all. You want to be at a stable weight you’re sure you can maintain before considering a breast lift.

The Results You Want

A breast lift can give you back a higher, perkier, firmer bust. This can not only give you the aesthetic changes you desire, but it can also help alleviate pain in your back, shoulders and neck muscles by placing the weight of your breasts higher and closer to the chest wall. You may also note firmer breasts because excess skin has been removed.

A lift alone cannot give you more volume or a larger cup size. You can have implants placed during the same surgery as your lift if desired and if your surgeon is agreeable. It’s important that you understand the final cup size to expect after a lift because you may be surprised at how large they seem once they are in the correct position on the chest wall.

A breast lift is also able to give you a measure of ease and comfort you’ll find delightful. This is especially true if your breasts were previously sagging and cumbersome. If you’re athletic, you’ll be quite happy with how your lift could make your breasts fit properly into a sports bra again. Many patients note relief from chafing and painful pinch-sores from underwires.

A breast lift can achieve great things for you, provided you have reasonable expectations. If you’d like to explore your options further, contact The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Medispa today to schedule your consultation.

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