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What Is SmartLipo?

What Is SmartLipo?

Many people are seeking impressive weight loss results but would rather not have extensive surgery. Diet and exercise alone often fall short of your desired results. That is where having SmartLipo can be the ideal solution. This is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be done in-office. With this procedure, you will experience far less downtime than with traditional liposuction. It is also a much more comfortable experience to have done.

How Does SmartLipo Work?

This is a body contouring process that uses a minimally-invasive laser in conjunction with lipolysis. A small laser fiber is inserted into the targeted part of your body. This laser is then used to rupture the fat cells, leaving them destroyed. The fat cells will not come back, meaning you see long-lasting results. There are three wavelengths used by the lasers to precisely target fat while also coagulating blood and stimulating the production of collagen.

The next step is to have the liquefied fat removed through suction. This gentle process will actually tighten your skin due to coagulation. As a result, SmartLipo will not leave behind sagging skin. In fact, patients usually see an improvement of skin elasticity.

You can target specific areas when receiving this treatment. The area you choose will be numbed for the procedure, but you can stay awake the entire time. This is one of the many reasons that SmartLipo is less disruptive to your daily life than traditional liposuction.

Where is SmartLipo Effective?

This procedure is a great option for those areas that just do not seem to respond to diet and exercise. Popular areas for this procedure include:

  • Upper Arms
  • Inner and Upper Thighs
  • Neck
  • Under the Jaw Line
  • Love Handles
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

Why Choose SmartLipo?

The list of benefits of this procedure is extensive. Some of the many reasons that this treatment is superior to many of the other options out there include:

  • Minimal Scarring
  • Less Downtime
  • No General Anesthetic
  • Less Bruising
  • Tissue/Skin Tightening w/ Blood Coagulation
  • Less Invasive
  • Highly Effective

If you feel like SmartLipo may be a good treatment option for you, contact the John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Medispa today! We will be happy to answer your questions. At the same time, we can schedule you for a consultation where a personalized treatment plan can be made. We are conveniently located in Naperville, IL near Chicago.

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