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What is Vaser Liposculpture?

Many patients are interested in VASER Liposculpture because it offers several advantages over alternative treatments. This procedure serves as a great alternative to traditional liposuction. Although it still involves the removal of fat deposits from the body, it uses more advanced technology to accomplish the same end goal.

What Is VASER Liposculpture?

Also called VASER LipoSelection®, this treatment is designed to efficiently remove fat from your body with the help of ultrasound technology. This treatment allows our plastic surgeon to precisely target unwanted fat deposits.

When compared with traditional surgery, VASER Liposculpture offers more precision and allows our plastic surgeon to target very specific areas of fat. The technology behind the procedure is also better at differentiating between important tissues and fat.

How Does It Work?

During the procedure, the target area is filled with a saline solution, which numbs the area and causes blood vessels to shrink. It’s important to shrink the blood vessels because it reduces bleeding and minimizes bruising.

The tumescent solution fills the target area and makes it easier for us to break apart deposits of fatty tissue. Unlike alternative treatments, VASER Liposculpture uses ultrasound energy to fragment the fatty deposits within the target area before they are removed. By breaking up fat with ultrasound energy, Dr. Bull can precisely target fatty deposits and leave important tissues unharmed.

Once the fat has been broken apart with the ultrasound probe, it’s removed from the body with gentle suction. The entire procedure is designed to prevent damage to the surrounding tissues.

What You Should Know

If you’re considering VASER Liposculpture, you should know that it can work well for areas such as the arms, abdomen, back, waist, love handles, neck and more. A major benefit of this treatment is that it uses an ultrasound probe to break apart unwanted fat.

The probe is important because it provides smoother results than you’d get from other options. Many patients choose VASER Liposculpture because it’s able to remove more fat than traditional liposuction, and it involves little to no discomfort. When compared to the alternatives, it serves as a gentler form of liposuction.

Should You Consider VASER Liposculpture?

This procedure might be a good fit for your aesthetic goals if you are struggling with certain areas of fat. A major advantage of VASER liposculpture is that it can be performed without general anesthesia. Once the fat has been numbed, a tiny ultrasound probe is inserted under your skin and used to dissolve fatty tissue. This allows for defined and precise fat removal to truly sculpt the body.

If you’re looking for a better way to sculpt your body and eliminate stubborn fat from problem areas, then it might be time to consider VASER Liposculpture at the John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Medispa. Dr. Bull serves the Chicago area with personalized cosmetic procedures designed to fit every patient’s needs. To learn more about this innovative treatment, contact us at our office in Naperville today!

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