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What to Expect After Breast Augmentation

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation procedure is the best way to ensure a quick and smooth recovery. Look no further than Dr. John Bull in Naperville! Under the care of our talented and experienced surgeon, many women have been able to resume normal activities within just days to weeks of their procedure, depending on the situation. However, a quick and stress-free recovery will depend on how well you take care of yourself during the time after your surgery. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for a healthy recovery:

Make Arrangements for Assistance

Breast augmentation is a form of surgery, which is why you should expect some downtime after the procedure. It is recommended that you avoid any heavy lifting for a set amount of time. An example of heavy lifting would be picking up a child over 20 pounds. Additionally, you may need help with most of your household chores for some days after the procedure. As such, it’s recommended that you plan for assistance before undergoing the procedure.

Managing Any Discomfort

Mild to moderate discomfort is quite normal after a breast augmentation procedure. You may experience some tightness and pressure across your chest, for example. To help deal with this discomfort in the early recovery phase, our doctor may prescribe you certain medications. For many women, however, over-the-counter medications will work just fine after the first post-operation day.

Eat Healthy Foods and Drink Plenty of Water

Before your breast augmentation procedure, be sure to stock your kitchen with light, healthy foods that are easy to prepare. A variety of light foods that are easy to digest – vegetables, fruits and soups are great for nourishing your body with the nutrients and energy it needs during the first few days after the procedure. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, too!

Get Enough Sleep and Rest

For a quicker recovery, your body will need plenty of rest. This is not a time for rigorous exercise routines or demanding household chores. Instead, make sure you have a comfortable bed and take it as easy as possible. Once you have fully recovered, you can expect to enjoy the results of your procedure for years to come.

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