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What’s so Smart About Smartlipo?

What’s so Smart About Smartlipo?

If you have considered a liposuction procedure in the past but have been put off by the invasive surgical component of the procedure, there may be a smarter alternative that will meet your needs. Smartlipo is the latest application of surgical laser technology and cosmetic surgery practices are singing its praises. However, today we are taking a closer look at how it works and asking the question: What makes Smartlipo so smart?

Smartlipo laser liposuction, also known as laser lipolysis, is a state of the art system that can shape problem areas of the body that generally do not respond to diet and exercise alone. Unlike other liposuction procedures, it is not a weight loss procedure and does not remove tissue from the body. Rather, it tones and shapes localized tissues in the body and improves the appearance of the body without surgical removal of fat cells. This causes much less inflammation of the tissues than traditional procedures and will not require long-term recovery or lead to any scarring.

How Does it Work?

The Smartlipo procedure is a targeted treatment that directly engages fat deposits with small bursts of heat, causing subcutaneous fat cells in the body to rupture and form an oily liquid that can be drained through a large-gauge injection. The gentle and gradual heat does not burn the surrounding tissues and prevents bruising or bleeding by coagulating blood in the capillary blood vessels. The laser heating also has the effect of tightening the skin and tissues as the oils are drained, which prevents the appearance of loose or saggy skin that can result from other more invasive procedures.

Where Can it Be Used?

There are many problem areas of the body where Smartlipo can be safely used to gently shape and improve the appearance. Unlike many more invasive procedures, it is perfect for areas of the face and neck that do not normally respond to diet and exercise. It is also very popular when it is used on the arms and legs, especially the thigh areas and the lower part of the upper arms. It can also reduce the appearance of fat rolls on the back or cellulite that accumulates in the lower body.

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